MHP Amidren Protein

Manufacturer: MHP
Amidren Protein, Vanilla
Bio-enhanced "pH-perfect" protein for lean muscle building. Combats age-associated muscle loss. Significantly healthy intestinal & immune system function. Great tasting and easy to digest. Doctor formulated for men over 40. Amidren Performance is the "perfect protein prescription" for men over 40. As you get older, your body's ability to efficiently use protein to build and preserve lean muscle becomes compromised. This can contribute to sarcopenia (age-associated muscle loss), making it harder for you to gain lean muscle mass. The solution isn't just consuming more protein; it's consuming the right protein supplement that's efficiently used by your body to help you overcome age-related challenges. That's why Amidren Performance Protein is the right protein supplement for you. Formulated by leading anti-agining physician Dr. Vincent Giampapa, M.D., FACS, Amidren Performance Protein's exclusive "pH-Perfect" Bio-Enhanced Protein Technology helps your body build and preserve lean muscle more efficiently. Using high quality whey and pea isolate proteins, plus a clinically researched probiotic for optimal protein digestion, amino acid, absorption, pH regulation and immune system support, Amidren Performance Protein will help you maintain peak performance.
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Manufacturer MHP
Warnings Use this product as a protein supplement only. Do not use for weight reduction or as your only source of calories. Contains milk and soy.
Labeled As Gluten Free 0
Extended Size 20 Servings
Directions Mix 1 scoop with 6-8 fl. oz. of cold water in a blender or shaker. Blend or mix until the texture is smooth. To increase the thickness and sweetness or your shake, reduce the amount of water slightly. Thickness may also be increased by adding a small amou
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